Recorded in the UK, with guests from around the globe, journalist and broadcaster Jonathan Kent and psychotherapist Zayna Ratty discuss relationships and sexuality beyond the mainstream. Beyond Monogamy is a podcast that looks at how we can do relationships differently, whether that involves consensual non monogamy, from swinging and monogamish to polyamory and relationship anarchy, or simply by rewriting the rules of monogamy to suit ourselves. The programme also explores and celebrates expressions of human sexuality in different forms from kink, fetish and BDSM, to ace, demi- and pan- sexuality, LGBTQIA+ and beyond. If the way you relate, love and have sex doesn’t fit neatly into the traditional mould then Beyond Monogamy is for you.

Zayna Ratty (She, Her) is an LGBTQIA+, GSRD, Polyamory, BDSM, Race & Ethnicity Hypno-Psychotherapist, ACT Practitioner, presenter, columnist, and trainer based in Oxfordshire, UK.
She’s a Pink Therapy GSRD aware endorsed trainer, the 1st PoC Chair of Oxford Pride and Diversity & Equalities Officer at National College of Hypnosis & Psychotherapy.
She regularly delivers diversity training, consultancy and education to a wide variety of organisations. Zayna has presented on race/ethnicity and Polyam at PolyDay London since 2017.
Zayna’s charity, diversity consulting work and private therapeutic practice explore how race, gender, sexuality and relationship diversity create a prism of intersecting identities.

Jonathan Kent is a journalist, broadcaster and writer. He read philosophy and theology at the University of Oxford and has been a foreign correspondent, a political reporter, and worked in TV, radio, print and digital. He’s reported for the BBC, Reuters, Newsweek, The Daily Telegraph, KQED, The Guardian and many others. He wrote, produced and presented the BBC Radio 4 series Our Daily Bread. His new book on consensual non monogamy is due to be published in 2021 and explores relationships outside the mainstream through more than 50 interviews with people across the globe.