Episode 7: Swinging and intimacy

What is intimacy? For many people it’s the thing they most look for in a relationship, a sense of closeness that comes from being both vulnerable and accepted. So what has this got to do with swinging? As it turns out, quite a lot. Sharing sexual experiences with a partner that involves people outside that relationship brings some couples closer. Listen to Liam and Kate from Toronto (@MonogamishMarriage) and Cooper S Beckett of Life on the Swing Set talk about how swinging has deepened their relationships. Oh, yes, and we step off the path for a moment to discuss bisexuality in swinging. It a funny, poignant, thought-provoking episode. Do tune in!

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  1. I only recently found your podcast and I’m so glad I did. Wonderful,interesting,insightful and funny. I’m a psychotherapist who until she started seeing a guy who identifies as solo poly didn’t know what polyamory was and didn’t know that I was already living that lifestyle myself! Go Figure! as the Americans would say. I know work closely with the poly community ie professionally.

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