Episode 8: Sexual Health

This is how we wish people had talked about sexual health when we were growing up. We’re joined by three very entertaining sexual health professionals. Firstly Amanda Jeffrey, Head of Sexual and Reproductive heath at METRO an equalities and diversity charity that promotes health and wellbeing to anyone experiencing issues relating to gender, sexuality, diversity, equality, or identity predominantly across London and in the SE of England. Also by Kate Oliver, from Illinois, President of the Kinder Foundation, which sometimes describes itself as the Amazon of sexual health. Finally by Peter Greenhouse of the BASHH; the British Association for Sexual Health & HIV.

We’re focusing on sexual health in the context of consensual non monogamy but frankly this programme is full of good advice for anyone. It’s also a scream. I’m guessing that if you’re a sex educator, especially one talking about sexual health, you quickly get tired of po-faced conversations and wish you could get real.

So here we go – the tldr version – sex involves manageable health risks but is fun, life affirming and joyous and mostly the risks can be minimised. Jettison the shame. Stuff happens. And, after we’ve been over-run by right wing anti-vaxxers and mask refuseniks is anyone going to take lectures from these people about chlamydia? Thought not. 🙂

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