Episode 4 brings together four great guests – Dr  Lori Beth Bisbey – relationship and intimacy coach and a therapist to boot, and London Poly activists Charlotte, Eunice and Morgan. We talk about some of the essentials people might wants to take on board before leaping in to the world of consensual non monogamy including communication, the importance of being able to set boundaries and why unicorn hunting doesn’t always end happily. 

Episode 3 of the podcast is released to mark the International Day of Consent on November 30th. Zayna and Jonathan are joined by Jenny Wilson of Consent Culture who was behind the launch of the IDOC back in 2018 and by Dr. Meg-John Barker author of Rewriting the Rules, co=presenter of the Meg-John and Justin podcast and friend of puppies everywhere…. 

Part two of our overview of consensual non monogamy. Zayna and Jonathan are joined once again by poly researcher Daniel Cardoso of Manchester Metropolitan University. Topics covered include NRE – new relationship energy – poly configurations and styles and Relationship Anarchy

Welcome to Beyond Monogamy – we’re launching our podcast with an overview of the essentials – terms and ideas you’ll almost certainly encounter as you explore. We’re helped by Daniel Cardoso of Manchester Metropolitan University. The first part of our A-Z of CNM covers consent, compersion, insecurity, metamours and more!